Austerity VS My Father is Li Gang

The 2010 most popular network glossary in USA is AUSTERITY and “My father is Li Gang” in China Mainland.  We can tell USA has not break away from the shadow of economic crisis until 2010 and China’s severest problem is anti-corruption from these two popular word and phrase. The USA’s excessive waste is worldwide well-known. Li Gang is a local governor whose son killed a college student in college campus when driving a luxury racing car to pick up his girl friend.  Li Gang’s son roared to the school guard to let everybody know his father is who and tried to escape the spot.
The top CTR blog about USA in China is that the teacher in USA Kindergarten made a list to the parents to show what kind of Christmas gift she wants to receive, which can show the life of USA people is really in a hard situation.

Urban Construction Tax and Education Surcharge from Dec. 1

As of today, all foreign-invested enterprises are obligated to pay the urban construction tax and education surcharge. These taxes have been applied to local businesses since 1985 and 1986, respectively, and will now be applied universally as part of the government’s program of tax unification.
Until now, FIEs have been exempt from paying these taxes as a way to attract foreign investment. However, in guofa 35, an amendment to the national law, the State Council directed that the exemption be lifted as of December 1, 2010. This means that a business will pay the additional taxes in January for income derived from the month of December.

Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund

taxes.jpgAfter about 20 years of not following the Central Government authority regulations on Housing Provident Funds, the Shenzhen Government is now following the National Law, sort of...

Everywhere else in China, for as long as we have been here, employers have been required to pay 13% of any workers salary to what is known here as the Housing Provident Fund.  In short, this means that you paid 13% of a worker's salary into a pooled account and that person is allowed to draw down and use those funds to help make the down payment when buying a house    

New Regulation about Immigration To Shenzhen, China

It is important to know this new regulation for all foreigners who are applying or holding Z-VISA in Shenzhen, China. Briefly saying, you should go back to the beginning point after you finish all the old procedures of applying Z-VISA. 
According to Article 3 of new regulation issued by Shenzhen Public Security Bureau on July 30, 2010, there is one more step you should complete to close the whole procedure of applying Z-VISA in Shenzhen, China.

American isn't f***ed: Hugh Macleod

hugh-picture.jpgRather than explain the details of Hugh's latest comments on Gapingvoid, both for their colorful language, but also because I can not say it better than he has, I'll leave it to him to explain why America is still really in pretty good shape.  I'll link to it here and here, "American isn't f****d" to let you read the pearls he's strewn about on his site.  Basically, we are only as screwed as we think we are.  And I say we're not...and when it comes right down to it, what other choice do we have? And if you understand why we, as Americans are not screwed, then you are already ahead of the game.  If you already think we're screwed, then it's been nice knowing you.

Is winning in a Chinese court possible? Of course it is...

gavel.jpgIs winning in a Chinese court possible?  Yes, of course.  We managed it again today after a three judge panel was called to hear the political aspects of one of our most recent appeals victories.  It took a while, just over a year, which is not really that long when it comes to trial calendaring and such, but honest to goodness justice was done.  Amen.

A client was sued last November for just under USD 900,000 in an absurd and highly charged case that ended up on television and the media way more than we like.  Part of our ability to get things done here is to play by the rules and keep our heads down - but if you follow the in court protocols and you were following the law before you got dragged into court in the first place -- you can walk away with a clean and clear victory.

Practicing law in Mainland China; life on the edge...

boat.jpgA few years ago, Thomas Friedman wrote a book called"Hot, Flat & Crowded" to help explain some of the changes going on out here in the world.  I am relatively certain that he had no intention to create any fear or misunderstanding that one could actually fall off the edge...

However, I am still amazed at the perceptions and ideas floating around out in the world.  Clients ask all the time what it is like living life out on the edge of the world.  As if ours were a reality disconnected from their own.  And I am here to tell you that we are not living on the edge.  Sure, our mail is delivered to a different zip code than you, if you happen to live in the United States or Europe.  

But we are not living 'on the edge' of anything.  In fact, we might be in the middle of what is really going on.  And that is what prompted this writing...  

Federal Court Authorizes Email Service to China -- Well, sort of... PART 2


As a quick follow up to the last post and rather than have all of you out there argue details with me, (you are attorneys after all) I wanted to post the US State Department circular on the issue.

If we can not use mail, it seems a little bit of a stretch to say we can use email to sue 'those damn Chinese' and expect to be taken seriously.  

Federal Court Authorizes Email Service to China -- Well, sort of...

chanel-logo.jpgIntellectual property protection in China has always been confusing and we wanted to take a few moments in passing to note one case that makes a hell of a mess when you come right down to it.  See:  Chanel, Inc. vs Zhong Zhibing

In that case, the Western District of Tennessee did a bit of legal acrobatics that would make Harry Houdini proud and found a way through the minefield for Chanel, allowing then to proceed on the basis of email service to China.  Sort of...

The Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville

The Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Florida is planning, and encouraging every Christian to participate in, “International Koran Burning Day.” To show the world that Islam is the devil. “Somebody’s got to stand up.” They say.
It’s all over the news. Every freedom fighter or “terrorist” from here to Zimbabwe is pissed off. Why? Well, I imagine Bible burnings set off a few Christian emotions as they have happened in history… it’s a well known taboo NOT to burn holy books.

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