The Recorder, San Francisco, California, Scaling The Great Wall - A Look on the Other Side, 14 July 2004

While it is not possible to itemize every element of a successful foreign investment in Mainland China in a few thousand words --- based on responses from our last submission to this publication, we wanted to provide a compass rose for those considering a journey here. Any useful map will show the user North-South-East-West in the compass rose.
In the United States, this means the compass rose will show you North. The transliteration of the word compass in Mandarin Chinese is needle-point-south. Here, we'd like to point out a few items to help keep the map from being looked at upside down.
All gibberish in the media aside, there are still really only three primary foreign investment options here for 95% of inbound capital: a Representative Office, a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity ("WOFE") and a Joint Venture ("JV").

Applying a Chinese Approach when coming to China. This article is the first of a series printed in San Francisco in 2004

 This Article first appeared in the April 14, 04 issue of The Recorder.
       "Yes, your idea would conform to the technical requirements of Chinese law, but we would advise against it...."
       The client rose, thanked us for our time and excused himself so he could report back to the home office in Palo Alto. He was relieved, contented and almost smug. The Hong Kong based Asia VP for a Silicon Valley high tech company was going to be able do things in China the way he wanted and was not going to violate Chinese law. Several times a month this happens. A potential client approaches us to ensure their business plans; choices and preferences for doing things in China are not going to run afoul of local legislation.

Wind power in Inner Mongolia, By: Ella Xu


Many foreigners still think China is a Bicycle Kingdom because of the old rooted idea and negative propagandize from foreign medias. But we may use some truth to change it now.

Everyone knows Inner Mongolia is the most undeveloped region inside China and most of the local residence are herdsmen. Their main income is from cows and sheep they raise. Before 90s of last century, it will be a completely dark area after the sun runs to another side of the earth. The Chinese Government decided to make a strategic plan to change that situation and help local people to enjoy happier life with electricity.

We're back...

Some years ago, this blog was out there in the world.  We were posting updates to Chinese law, lots of things that we found in the media here that there was no realistic way you could find out there, etc.

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