Maybe China is like Antarctica? The Big Bang Symphony

Big Bang.jpgJust heard a great interview by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, an artist and writer that has been to Antarctica three times.  She has also just released a new book that is worth a look.  During this interview, she was talking about what draws a person to the bottom of the world...

The first time you go down there, you do it for the money.  The second time you go is for the adventure.  And the third time you go is because you do not seem to fit in anywhere else anymore.

That sounds a lot like living here.  I mean, I didn't necessarily choose to be here for coming up on a decade.  In fact, it even sounds funny when I say it, "Yes, I am an attorney and I live in Mainland China."  But after while, you just get used to everywhere else feeling well... less.  Of course, less dirty, less crowded, less chaotic.  

But also much less in tune with the march of time that is pushing us all ahead, whether we like it or not.  

Most of us did not meaningfully participate in creating the world we now live in, it happened in fits and starts and burps and gurgles and accidents and wars over the last few centuries.

It is, however, up to us to do whatever we can to meaningfully participate in where we all go from here.  Well, at least that's what we try to tell our kids, isn't it?