Google threatens to leave China: Part II

Ok, so now that Google has stopped censoring it's China content and has started routing everything through their Hong Kong servers what is the end result?  
Zip...nada...diddly squat...
Nothing has changed.  There is a cool bit of flash on my desktop that tells me that I've been sent to Google Hong Kong rather than Google China, but there are no changes on what we have access to.  Yesterday and today are exactly the same...
So, if the idea was that Google was going to promote internet freedom in China by taking a stance and challenging the Chinese Government -- well congratulations ladies and gentlemen -- you pushed a few buttons, re-routed your traffic and just pissed a lot of people off all for no reason...
And that's probably what should have happened at this stage.  Why?
Well, we do not want the Chinese making the rules for the rest of the world and so we should all just get used to the idea that we are not allowed to ask, or even attempt to compel them to follow our rules.  I'm not sure why this is a challenging notion to anyone -- anywhere.
We have been here a long time.  We solve a lot of rather thorny problems for clients from all over the world when they have to make something work here in Mainland China.  There is almost always a solution -- but very often it looks nothing like you might think when you start.   
But one thing is for sure.  The golden know that thing you mother taught you...treat others as you want to be treated, that always applies.
When did we all forget that?