China's Repressive Media and Mrs. Santa collide?

I just wanted to take a moment and confirm all the current Xmas supplement.jpgsuspicions you may have out there about the horrible and repressive system we live under here in Mainland China.

It's terrible!  How can I live in a place where my morning paper comes with a front page like this?  This was the 16 page supplement wrapped around my Shenzhen Daily last Friday.  It deals with such touchy subjects as whether to listen to the classical or more modern music performances in the various playhouses around town, what events are happening at local churches and which of the regions theme parks (like Disney World) have the best family vacation packages.

So, to all of you out there that know just how bad China is, you just keep a firm hold of whatever reality you have chosen to convince yourself is true and I'll stay here and fight it out in the grimy colorless city.

Happy Holidays