How China will reach UN Climate Change commitments

pollution.jpgThe Shenzhen Daily notes that the "Nation to remove outdated industries" in a story stuck back on page 9 of the paper today.

Let me interpret a bit of formalistic langauge that you will see in the article that might get lost in translation.  Basically, China is making a nationwide commitment to poke the Western World in the eye with the ability to lower the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by 40 to 45 precent by 2020.

First, how the hell can they lower it that much?  Well, it's pretty damn dirty here, in some of the darker corners of the country.  So only making it half as polluted as it is today within the next ten years means all they have to do is stop doing the most polluting things they are doing today.  You have to look at where they started, rather than the targeted percentage quoted anywhere. 

For example, let's say I want reduce the amount of times I hit myself in the head with a hammer from two times a day to once a day.  If I am successful and I only hit myself on the head once a day, then I have made a 50% reduction.  It is up to the public to decide if that is an acceptable result or not.

Second, intertwined in the body of the story are a few interesting tid bits on just how they will be able to make such reductions.  They will eliminate the ability of anybody running a dirty factory to expand.  No more land for you polluters.  If you do not clean up revamp or update your facilities to be in line with the new guidelines, then you may "face penalties such as denial or revocation of required licenses and cut-off electrical supplies."  

Now, there is a novel way to reduce pollution.  Just stop polluting.  Of course it will not work everywhere, but I'll bet you a jelly doughnut that it will work here.