New ways to celebrate Chinese New Year---Kate Wang


Chinese New Year, also known as Chinese Lunar New Year and Spring Festival, which last 15 days. It is the most important and biggest festival in China with plenty of traditional customs. Different parts of China have different traditions, but the typical customs are similar, such as clean and decorate the house to welcome New Year, whole family prepare a New Year’s Eve Dinner, elder give lucky money to children and unmarried young people, visit home elder, relatives and friends and so on. However, the legal holiday for celebrate Chinese New Year only have 7 days, with the increasing level of service diversification, it is becoming more flexible.


Spring Festival Gala

Spring Festival Gala, commonly abbreviated in Chinese as Chunwan, is a Chinese New Year special entertainment produced by China Central Television since 1983. It present on channel CCTV-1 and broadcast by all provinces and cities’ channel, the broadcast has a yearly viewership of over 700 million viewers, making it one of the premier television events of China. In 2012, Spring Festival Gala won a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Record, certified as the world's largest number of viewers in the domestic program, and now it become a new custom in China, that people like watching Spring Festival Gala during eating New Year’s Eve Dinner.

The Chinese New Year caterers

In recent years, more and more people dining out for New Year’s Eve Dinner because of stress and exhaustion from fast-paced work and life, especially working couples. However, with the home-delivery catering industry has grown immensely over the past couple of years, some of them choose back to their house to have the big meal. There are two reasons why some people prefer home-delivery service. One is that home-delivery is much cheaper than eat at a hotel or a restaurant. Take Diaoyutai State Guesthouse as an example, 6000 yuan is the limit price for a Spring Festival meal for four in Beijing by it, which has decades of experience in serving the world’s most powerful people in fine style. But, the top price for a same meal in delivery is 3980 yuan, only half of the former price. Another reason is have a home-delivery New Year Eve’s dinner not only keep the custom that stay at home with family to enjoy the meal, but also let people prepare the big meal in a simple way, get out of the kitchen and relax.

Lucky money by Wechat

Technological innovation is juicing up traditions, sending red envelopes online by Wechat becomes popular among Chinese people start from 2015. Wechat is a free message and calling app like WhatsApp which western people prefer to use. It is snapping up attention with cash-gift function and now changed the lucky money’s tradition. In the old days, only elder give children and unmarried young people red envelopes as best wishes, but now, people give lucky money no matter family or friends by Wechat if he would love to. Most of the time, people sending red envelopes online is no need to pay much for one person and sometimes the numbers have special meanings. For instance, some lovers prefer to send 5.20, 52.0, 520 or 13.14 yuan to each other because ‘520’ pronounce in Chinese is sound like ‘I love you’, also ‘1314’ means ‘love you forever’. There is also a grab red envelop game from Wechat too. Both of them increase the interest of customs.