A Social Business Investment Bank that also opens markets

The purpose of this writing is to open a larger discussion about our relationship to corporations and the
larger and more open world we now find ourselves hurtling towards...
I wanted to share my thoughts about a social business investment bank, so am reaching out to seek
your assistance in making any additional contacts from your network that might be interested in such a
story.  This could mean a tax exemption for a major corporation or hedge fund, via a 501C3 -- or a direct
grant from past profits -- because it is the right thing to do -- and will also open new markets.
In short, a 'social business' is a plain vanilla corporation that chooses, from inception, to not pay dividends
to any investors.  Rather, all funds are pushed back into the company to solve the problems the company
was formed to solve.
Grameen-Danone is an example.  Nutrition in the early childhood years sets a path for either success or
failure of those children as they grow up.  Education, public safety and autonomy of the underlying society
are all promoted by making sure children have basic nutrition and vitamin supplements. In the Grameen
Danone situation this is via a non refrigerated yoghurt product that is distributed in a popsicle like wrapper
to the youth in Bangladesh.
Of course the company makes money and sells products, but all gains are put back to work to continue to
solve social problems that would otherwise not get taken care of due to the necessary accumulations of
capital needed.
In fact, until about 100 years ago, corporations were only permitted under law to operate for the purposes
of doing something that would provide social benefits.  So, that idea of corporations we have now is only
a very recent invention and one that, frankly, does not serve the society of which it is a part.  Not anymore.
So, I would like to reverse that trend and start by an initiative that focuses on what I have labeled a social
business investment bank.  What does that mean?  Well, the 60% of the world that does not live to a modern
Western standard is creeping up.  If they only used the tools available to them now, coal, slash and burn
methods of farming and the like -- that is going to impact the entire world and not in a positive way.
So, let us put 10 million USD to work, most likely in increments of about 500K each, in green energy, science
and environmental remediation.  All inventions, patents and products flowing out of this would fold back in to
the primary entity and create additional cash flow in royalties and the like.  And a media angle of documentary
films is to educate people back towards what a corporation was invented to be and could be again if we
choose to make it so.
The world is what we make it.  Your thoughts?