Two small things in America---Shirley Pan

Recently Sylvester & Associate sent me to America for business training. This is the second time I step on the ground of California. I’ve ever been to Los Angeles 12 years ago, I also have been to more than 20 countries for travel, but below two small things still remain fresh in my memory.
The first one is “Disabled parking spot”. You can find it in each parking space. It’s so clear andimage (3)_0.JPG best location, reserved for the handicapped. A violator breaking the law if he was parking in those spots. Violators who are ticketed are subject to a $353 fine. Under the California Vehicle Code, drivers must display a disabled placard or disabled license plate to park in spaces designated for the disabled. 
The second one is Public Toilet (also called restroom). It can be found easily, completely free.
In some European countries, you need to prepare coins ahead for using the image (2).JPGbathroom.  Most of restrooms in California bright, enough space, readable signage, no terrible smell, easy to open doors; floor surfaces that are clear, level, and barrier free; enough space to get to things and turn around; doors that are easy to lock and unlock; and faucets, sinks, coat hooks, trash receptacles, and soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispensers within easy reach. The floor space allows someone to transfer from wheelchair to toilet either from the front or from the side. 
You know, accessible restrooms are crucial to visitors with disabilities who need assistance.  Wherever you are, you can see people with disabilities to visit museums, parks, theaters, and libraries. In other words, if no well-equipped facilities, how can they fully participate in the life of a community.
The problem of the disabled is unavoidable of human society. Caring for the disabled is the progress of social civilization and also the basic requirement of building a harmonious society.