Tomorrow is just another yesterday that has not happened yet. Michael Sylvester

 rolling-earth.jpgWhile Linkedin™ identifies me as both legal counsel and a crystal ball reader, I do not actually have a candle lit gypsy tent with a large glass orb in the center.  Nor do I speak in riddles. 

Well, some of our clients might disagree about the speaking in riddles part, but that does not detract from the larger message that anyone telling you that they are able to predict the future might be as crazy as hell...

Unless, you meant what I did when I chose to use those words to describe what we do here... For, if we accept the proposition that tomorrow is a yesterday that has not happened yet we can rather accurately predict the future.  How?  By trying to limit the negative impact of the expensive and time consuming decisions we made this morning.  That is how we predict the future.