How to Enforce the Judgement of Foreign Country in China -- Ella Xu

As the international trend of China is growing faster and faster, lots of dispute between China and other countries show up. When the problem happens, the foreigner or the Chinese will choose to file a lawsuit locally if the local court have the jurisdication.  But, it is very difficult to enforce the judgement abroad for a long time.  Most of the result were you won the case after paying for high lawyer's fee and your time, but you can not get back your benefit with that piece of judgement.


Now, we'd like to recommend you to use the legal service of Intermediate Court of PRC who can help you enforce your judgement abroad.  The conditions of applying this service is that the two countries have signed Bilaterial Agreement.  Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are also included.  It will be looked as a valid judgement locally if your application is succesful。