Draft labor dispatching licensing measures released---Denise Xia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on April 19 released for comment a draft of the Measures for the Administration of Administrative Licensing for Labor Dispatching.  
The draft Measures provide for the duties and jurisdiction of the relevant authorities regarding administrative licensing for labor dispatching and specify the conditions that need to be met and the materials required for license applications. In addition, the Measures cover supervision over labor dispatching and the legal liability of dispatching entities.

The draft Measures Clarified the criteria for applying dispatch business, including registered capital of not less than 2 million yuan; adapt to doing business fixed place of business and facilities; dispatch management system complies with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations, law, administrative regulations of other conditions. 
In addition, some labor dispatch entity registered in areas with low labor standards, dispatched workers to areas with high labor standards, social insurance low standards enforced against the legitimate rights and interests of the dispatched workers. so, the draft sent off-site to set up branches to make special provisions, such as the dispatch unit provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities operating the dispatch business, it should be set up branches; Staffing firms to set up branches operating dispatch business, it should be the written report of the original licensing authority by the branch to the local human resources and social security administrative departments for the record.