China: Radically different, yet the same... Michael Sylvester

crosswalk.jpgAs 2013 opens here in Southern China a few surprises have come to our attention that seemed noteworty.

After a few weeks in Europe, where traffic laws have been followed since the invention of motor vehicles, I was a little concerned about transitioning back into China, where pedestrians often feel like they are in a Frogger video game.  Yet, the other day I walked up to a street corner here in Shenzhen and the taxis and private vehicles all stopped waiting for me to cross.

Not sure what to do, I tried to wave the cars through and they insisted that I cross first. Apparently, the use of video cameras at all intersections combined with the new laws -- and stiff penalties -- have quickly changed people's behavior here. 

So, we when are dealing with China for business or travel or whatever, even after ten years of being here, we are still constantly surprised at not only the changes -- but also the pace of change.

Darwin's ideas about the strongest surviving is more accurately stated that those most able to adapt to the new environment they are confronted with as the most likely to survive...

No wonder they might be the largest economy in the world in a few years.  The good news is that we all have the ability to learn from each other, even across oceans.  So, yes it is radically different here, yet the same.