What does ‘international counselors’ mean?

Often discussed in a face-to-face meeting in our Shekou office, there is generally a primary ‘short form legal opinion’ process that we start with when undertaking acquisition or existing entity restructuring works for our clients.  These tend to be several hundred pages long and are based on a month or two of specific and detail oriented work among ourselves your Board, CEO, CFO, legal counsel, marketing, human resources and other essential personnel divisions as you see fit.
We also prefer, where possible, to communicate with your existing service providers in each jurisdiction.  That way our overall plan of action ends up getting vetted by people that you already know and trust in multiple locations around the world.  In a typical scenario, attorneys, CPA and other professional advisors tend to speak to what happens only in their jurisdiction – but they will not comment on your holdings in other countries or the inter-relationship between the various companies you own.
We believe that to be inconsistent with the way the world really works today and so when undertaking restructuring work, we would much rather actually make sure that action plan will work in and across each jurisdiction where you do business.  We have worked with Morrison & Foerster (Beijing & Hong Kong), KPMG, Price Waterhouse Cooper and just about every other large accounting/legal house in Asia or North America.   And if you use those kinds of service providers, we will be happy to work with them and show them what we propose – and why – as you feel is required.
Generally, we start with what your world-wide operations look like presently.  Then to ensure compliance with all these new and various jurisdictional tax, transfer pricing and operational guidelines across as least three or four distinct legal systems – we coordinate all these into a comprehensive and unified whole.  That way you know what is going to, or should, happen before it does.
Also, this helps us to overcome the natural and/or organic growth that most companies go through as they grow internationally.  Occasionally, it also makes sense to back up and prune out those parts of your pre-existing structure that might be inconsistent with the reality you confront today.