Sylvester & Associates Shenzhen office in the media again

 PRD.pngRecently that’s PRD were at the chambers of American attorney Michael Sylvester, principal of Sylvester and Associates. Sylvester graduated from the University of Florida. He then went on to further studies in the Netherlands as an Erasmus scholarship student in international comparative law leading up to the formation of the Europe Union.

More graduate law studies followed in Thailand, at U.C. Berkeley and in San Francisco along the way. Sylvester was also an intern at the United Nations, involved in international treaty negotiations for environmental management and resources in South East Asia. Sylvester has also lectured law at the University of Shenzhen.

Sylvester says: “I’m more of a legal academic with an interest in the evolution of legal systems, who just also happens to run a business.” Sylvester & Associates have the heart of the community legal clinic with the expertise of a corporate highflying firm.

For more than a decade, Sylvester and Associates have assisted in counseling clients in regards to foreign direct investment, intellectual property, regulatory compliance and international taxation obligations. “We are a bridge between Chinese and Western legal systems,” says Sylvester. “What we provide is a topographical map to the legal procedures in China, to give foreign Boards the amount of control they want to have in their Chinese subsidiary.”

Sylvester and Associates also provides a high-level trustee service, as distinguished from a business consultancy service. “Chinese law is clean, clear and practical – yet in a state of evolution. Westerners need to leave their presumptions at the door,” he says. Sylvester demonstrates that China’s Administrative Procedures Law even allows the government to be sued if bureaus fail to make relevant decisions within published timelines.

The American attorney explains that at the heart of their international counselor service, the goal is to ensure that companies remain legally compliant in multiple jurisdictions all at the same time, as most international Chinese ventures involve at least three jurisdictions. Sylvester notes that even Foreign Corrupt Practices Act type regulations, which makes companies liable for the wrong doing of foreign based subsidiaries, can be complied with here in China.

The local police seem to have Sylvester’s telephone number on speed dial, when an expat gets in trouble with the law. However, he is often ready to serve the community with a range of pro bono work.

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