Immigration to USA --Ella Xu

USA dream is becoming warmer and warmer in China since 21st century. According to the authoritative statistics recently, there are 150M people are willing to immigrate to USA which includes 22M Chinese people. The Chinese immigrants occupy 70% in the year of 2011. Why USA is still the top choice to the Chinese immigrants? The major reasons are as followed.
1)      Compared to the old other attractive immigration countries, the requirement to the net capital of USA are the most affordable. For example, the min net capital limit of Canada is 1.6M CAD, Singapore is 2.5M SGD and Australia is half million of AUD;
2)      The tuition of children is almost free;
3)      No need emigration. If the business is still in China, the immigrant need not be limited by emigration. The condition of USA is the days out of USA are less than 180days per time.
But, the people who want to start the procedure of immigration should understand one point which is to invest USD500, 000 to buy a real estate can get USA passport is wrong. This motion proposed by two members of Democratic Party is still a proposal. Invest USD500, 000 to buy a house in USA can only help you get a 3-year valid temporary residence permit, which is different from EB-5 investment immigration. If only considering make some investment to USA real estate market, that is ok.