Chinese legal topography. There is a way to get from A to B. Michael Sylvester

Remember back in school when you first saw a topographic map?  Some were even those threemap.jpg dimensional plastic things as big as a table that showed the lakes, rivers, mountains and such. They were like little models of the world that you could touch.  Totally cool when you're six. 

Well, I was always fascinated with them and when I was old enough to start sailing, it was a pretty easy transition to understanding the outlines of a coast, the depth of a channel, where the reefs were, etc... So, it is pretty cool that I make those for a living now here in Mainland China.

My maps come in the form of legal opinions, rather than in the fancy three dimensional colored plastic versions I first saw back in elemantary school - but they are maps, of a sort, just the same.

For, we outline the legal topograhy of Mainland China for those of us that need to be here for our work.  And that is becoming more and more of us every day.  And, it seems there are going to continue to be more of us having to know how things look over here as the world continue to change.

Sure, the English majors of you out there can say I am mixing my metaphors or whatever but... the point is that there is a rhyme and reason why things work here in the way they do, just as there is a reason why things work the way they do where you come from.  Just ask, that's why we are here.  More money is lost by people wandering in the wilderness than would ever be lost by us doing it right the first time...

So, whether you want to hire us to draw a map for you or not, to help you get from here to there. At least please stop bringing your old maps with you.  They are not going to do you any good and they just might get you into some trouble that it will very hard and expensive to get you out of.

Paying attention to your surroundings while trying to figure out how to get where you are going is important.  Sure, I know that people do not like asking for directions...but if you are not going to ask for help, at least tell someone where you are going.  

That way we will at least know which way to search for you when you are lost...