China's New Rich and what some of them think about themselves... Michael Sylvester

We have tried hard to describe the impact of living in a boom economy and what it makes people think of themselves...and this weekend my wife and I snuck off for a quiet beach getaway and found this article as the cover story of a magazine available in each room of the hotel.
The Top Percentile

You are the One Percent.Those protestors on Wall Street may be spoiled and smelly,but they did popularize a rather catchy term-one that neatly defines you,our readers.You are smarter,more successful and ,of course,wealthier than the other 99 Percent,a group we are also more than happy to have perusing our magazines.The less advantaged majority may initially experience sticker shock and some status envy,but as long as they can transform those feelings into dreams and aspirations,they should feel welcome to these pages.The way out of this funk,in the end,is to stop complaining,buckle down,and start struggling toward affluence.
But let them struggle or just go on subsisting.The excess at your disposal is what makes you interesting.It gives you refinement of taste,style,and an ability to influence others.Your acquisitions define what is beautiful,elegant,and stylish in this world.Critics and tastemakers have a voice,no doubt,but their goal is only to sway you,impacting the direction in which your vast resources flow.They are a gaggle of flatterers and sycophants.
With all the incessant chatter about income disparities,job losses,and the plight of various types,the One Percent might feel tempted toward a guilty conscience or making some kind of redress.Worse yet,there will be pressures to curb opulence and munificent displays of wealth - the very things that give life its beauty and meaning.Especially,with New Year and the Year of the Dragon nearly upon us,do not cease the celebrations and display.Let the champagne corks pop and the caviar flow.At this time,continue to achieve your desires and do not pay attention to the ostensible suffering of the boring,disaffected.They have no right to distract you from pleasure and gaiety.
No one can stop you now.
Nels M.N.Frye
Editor-in Chief