"But we have been operating like this in China for many years without a problem..." Michael Sylvester

"But we have been doing this in China for many years without a problem, why should we stop now?..."   says the client sitting across from me in the conference room recently.  And while it is not any fun to be the bearer of bad news, the fact that one has engaged in an illegal course of conduct without getting caught for a decade or more does not make the choices you made correct.  It just makes you lucky because you have not gotten caught...yet.
If you found out your teenager was habitually drinking and driving would you pull them aside and congratulate them for not getting caught?  
Come on folks, grow up... just like we all ask our kids to do.  It is not that hard to follow the rules. If we force people to follow ours in the US, there is nothing unfair about China doing the same.