China's Social Insurance Regulations are Unfair?? Michael Sylvester

While I have no desire to pay another USD 5,000 a year for the right to do business here either, I simply can not agree with the wrath and negative reactions coming from our clients that now have to buy social security for their foreign employees in China.  I'm one, and have to pay too folks.
But, the last time I checked all workers in the United States and just about every other Western coutnry are required to pay into the social welfare system of the country in which they are working.  So, if a Chinese National works in New York they, of course, have to pay state and local taxes and all SSI contributions just like we do as US Citizens.
So, why should it be different that we have to do the same while resident in their country?  Just because it has not been like that here before?  Because we, as foreigners, have gotten used to the ex-patriot life and the fact that, historically, the law was applied to us differently to entice our companies into setting up operations here?
Well, I'd argue that we should applaud the fact that things here are continuing to change in a positive direction -- here positive in the sense that the law is continuing to become more clean, clear and predictable.  
We can't have it both ways.  On the one hand we want cheap labor to make all the stuff that fills up the local Wal Mart (substantially responsible for our balance of trade issues).  But, on the other, we also seem to want to be able to float above the rules here.  Could we get away with that kind of segregated appliaction of the law in our own countries?  Most likely not.
Sure, this new social secuirty law in China -- well new as applied to foreigners -- is a bit screwed up.  It provides for some pretty paltry medical cover, a few hundred USD a month in retirement (which they give back to us as a lump sum when leave China??) -- most likely to be taxes by our own home countries.
But, if our own SSI system in the USA any better?  As close to bankruptcy as we have been told it is for a decade or longer, do we have any room to complain about someone else's not working any better than ours?
We might all focus on what works well and continue to tinker with what we'd like to see improve, and stop whining that the 'sky is falling' everytime something changes.  The change has just started.
Keep your hands and arms inside the moving vehilce at all times...