China: That which does not kill us makes us stronger...

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.  Well, I'm not sure if being here long enough to be opening year ten has made us any stronger, but it certainly not killed us yet.
Now, I have often been quoted as saying to clients, keep your arms and hands inside of the moving vehicle at all times because living and working here is often a bit like a roller coaster.   But there has been nothing like a near death experience.  Except for that whole pesky situation where we were deported for a week.   The upside there was a family vacation in Hong Kong, so, no harm no foul.
And on the up side, we have been able to see the WTO come into being here, followed by each sequential ramp up on the ten year commitments China gave as a developing economy. Manned space flight, the Olympics, the World's Fair, the Asian Games.  Umm.  I guess they got over that 3rd world country label.  Developing economy, my ass.
But, there is still much work to do here as only about a third of their country is enjoying those successes in a first world style.   And as we said almost a decade ago when we got here...they are no more interested in taking us over as they are of having us take them over. They are busy. They are trying to put their kids through school, save some money and make the best future their collective efforts can make possible as a society.
Sounds a lot like where I grew up on the East Coast of the United States.
Happy (Western) New Year, folks.