August 2015

Measures for managing the pension fund investment issued---Denise Xia

The State Council recently issued the Measures for the Administration of the Basic Pension Insurance Fund Investment.
The Measures define the investment scope of pension funds and stipulate that the total proportion of pension funds invested in stock markets, stock funds, mixed funds and stock pension products shall not exceed 30% of the net worth of the pension funds. In addition, equity investment in the process of restructuring or public listing of key state-owned enterprises is allowed for pension fund investment. To improve the transparency of the operation of pension fund investment, the Measures require regular disclosure to the public of the operation of pension fund investment through periodicals and/or websites.





A Social Business Investment Bank that also opens markets

The purpose of this writing is to open a larger discussion about our relationship to corporations and the
larger and more open world we now find ourselves hurtling towards...
I wanted to share my thoughts about a social business investment bank, so am reaching out to seek