July 2012

This American Life: Americans in China Michael Sylvester

TAM ogo.pngNational Public Radio in the USA played a program from This American Life in late June this year about what it is like to be one of the 70,000 long term residents living here in China with no current plans to return to the United States.  

We think it might be helpful for anyone trying to understand a bit about the life we live here as long term ex-patriots to give it a listen.  There is a full transcript and links to listen to the hour long program as it was originally aired.

Some things that stood out in my mind as I was listening were that none of the featured Americans were Sinophiles.  And none really supported every decision made by the State here -- but often found themselves not being able to explain why China worked the way it did to their friends and family 'back home.'  It is worth a listen, folks.

TAM ogo.png

TAM ogo.png