May 2012

Immigration to USA --Ella Xu

USA dream is becoming warmer and warmer in China since 21st century. According to the authoritative statistics recently, there are 150M people are willing to immigrate to USA which includes 22M Chinese people. The Chinese immigrants occupy 70% in the year of 2011. Why USA is still the top choice to the Chinese immigrants? The major reasons are as followed.
1)      Compared to the old other attractive immigration countries, the requirement to the net capital of USA are the most affordable. For example, the min net capital limit of Canada is 1.6M CAD, Singapore is 2.5M SGD and Australia is half million of AUD;
2)      The tuition of children is almost free;

Modern China; How do we co-exist with the chaos? Michael Sylvester

keep calm.jpgThe poster shown here is from the British Ministry of Information for use during World War II, should Germany ever invade.  There were a few other versions that were placed all over the UK at the start of the war -- but this was one never used.

Yet, a message about how to deal with an unknown and chaotic world still rings true today as much as it did in 1945.  And it is still how we co-exist with chaos. Whether we are riding out an economic crisis, a possible EU meltdown, or the rise of an Asia rejoining the world after a few hundred years of isolation -- the lesson is the same. Keep Calm and Carry On.

And for any of you that may have read around a bit here on Flaming Hoops, we have noted that it is much less chaotic here than one might think -- but it is different.  And it is those differences that we all have to deal with now.

keep calm.jpg

keep calm.jpg