September 2011

Anything goes wrong, anything at all...

images.jpgA 1971 John Wayne movie, Big Jake, has in my opinion, one of the greatest movie lines of all times -- "Now you understand.  Anything goes wrong, anything at all...your fault, my fault, nobody's don't matter...I'm gonna blow your head off.  It's a simple as that."

And while I understand the context of the statement and the sentiment behind it, I am not sure that kind of approch is going to get anyone very far today. And that makes the thoughts raised in my mind worth a scribble or two here



China's Peaceful Development

The People's Daily released the full text of White Paper on China's Peaceful Development a few hours ago.  It is worth a read, folks.
If the idea is to 'lead, follow or get out of the way' it seems China is choosing to do all three at the same time depending on what they are dealing with at any given moment.  
We might all do well to consider the same strategy, for there is no one right answer.  Or ever was.