November 2009

Emerging Civil Society in Shenzhen

Recently I experienced something that moved, astonished and excited me. I’m not sure whether Shenzhen’s Civil Society is fully here yet, but at least I think Civil Society in Shenzhen is becoming a part of our day to day reality.
I got a call late last Friday afternoon. “Are you Ms Pan, this call is from Shenzhen Public Security Bureau”. What? I’ve never got their call before. My first response is a little bit strange. ” Yes, I am. What’s up? I’m in trouble ?”

”No, no, sorry to interrupt you. Can I take you a few minutes to response to your queries and advice to the People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality hot line a few weeks ago. Your inquiries were forwarded it to our department for us to follow up on. Firstly, many thanks for your participation actively and good advice.”   “Oh, that’s ok”, I started to put my heart at rest