October 2009

Occasionally the older planned economy mindset in China really gets in the way of reality

P1010138.JPGOccasionally, here in China, we run into a situation where the older planned economy mindset has not yet matured and aligned itself with the new reality -- and we end up running into all kinds of odd stumbling blocks that seem quite silly when compared to all the other positive or future oriented things that are happening here.

"We are Chinese and this is the way we think it is supposed to work -- and so you have to confirm to our standards -- or you can not import what you want?"

And of course, this time it's personal.  The photo here is a dugout sailing canoe from Bali.  The guy in the picture there is Nyoman, and old guru type guy that ends up winning a lot of the traditional sailing outrigger canoe races down in Bali.  He and some of his friends actually make these things right on the beach.  And so when I was down there recently, I said I wanted to buy one of these and figure out how to bring it back to China.