About Us

Reach for the stars.jpg"China is modernizing, not Westernizing.  The country's goal is to modernize but retain the Chinese "essence" which it is struggling to define."  James McGregor

Climbing inside the Trojan Horse we call China and watching that struggle for a modern Chinese 'essence' brought me here years ago.

After years of studying the sociology of law and the evolution of legal systems in South East Asia, Europe and the United States, I was bound for an academic legal career.  Summers off, good pay, an excuse to wear a rumpled sport coat with patches on the elbows.  Oh, the sirens of academia beckoned to me from their ivory tower.

Then one day while sitting on a grassy slope outside Boalt Hall in Berkeley and reading Kant in German for a seminar witih Philippe Nonet, I realized that only about fifty people in the whole world would ever understand what the hell I was talking about.  So, rather than make Jonothan Swift roll over in his grave laughing at me, I started a journey.  A journey that more than eight years ago spawned Sylvester & Associates.

Not only do we get to watch the struggle that is China's modern adolescence and renaissance all rolled into one, but we are also fortunate enough to be able to participate in it.  We represent foreign investors coming in, Chinese investments heading out and just about everything in between.

And what about the Trojan Horse?  Are they going to sneak up on us while we are alseep and attack us?  It would appear not.  They seem to be more concerned with us leaving them alone and, in turn, them leaving us alone.  Sure, due to the global shifts happening in the last few years, we are all having to learn how to get along differently.  But they seem no more inclined to want to run our world as they are to have us run theirs.

Michael Sylvester

Shenzhen, People's Republic of China